Nobody’s Side

Posted April 18th, 2012 in City of Heroes

Nobody’s Side is a super group on the Justice Server of City of Heroes. It originally started as a place to keep various alternate characters who didn’t belong in Star Patrol specifically, but wouldn’t be played often enough to warrant joining other groups. It eventually developed into it’s own “group” of character who, for their own reasons, don’t affiliate themselves with any other group of heroes or villains. The following characters are piloted by @Dust Raven (with the exception of Copper Cat, who is piloted by @Dust Raven 2).

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New City of Heroes Costumes for 2012

Posted January 2nd, 2012 in City of Heroes

Here are 14 costumes I’ve worked one towards the end of 2011. Some are simply a modification to an existing character, others are for new characters.

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A New Look for Lady Twyla

Posted November 11th, 2010 in City of Heroes

Going over one of my older characters, I decided to give Lady Twyla a total makeover. The end result is something I find just as exotically attractive while maintaining a subtle level of creepy.

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Twyla & Tenacity

Posted January 19th, 2010 in City of Heroes

The story behind Lady Twyla and Captain Tenacity is a long one. It boils down to the daughter of Tenacity’s arch-nemesis falling in love with him, and eventually join him in his fight against her father.

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Lady Twyla

Posted January 11th, 2010 in City of Heroes

Lady Twyla is my main Dominator on the Justice Server. She is also the villainous counterpart to Captain Tenacity, a character played by my spouse. The pair originated as NPCs in a Mission Architect arc I had put together which told the tale of a hero turned villain, but was actually having a love affair with a villain who eventually turned hero. The arc was eventually scrapped due to the plot taking the players for a ride rather than placing them as the hero (even as an NPC, Tenacity kicked some serious ass). Currently the duo reside as PC hero and villain who meet up in a PVP zone or the arena for a fight, or in Pocket D for something less hostile. Once Going Rogue goes live we have have Twyla actually switch sides for real.

Twyla is the daughter of Lord Voltar, Emperor of a Thousand Worlds. As the offspring of an evil overlord, she’s a pretty bad apple. Like her father and other members of the royal family, she has superpowers. Specifically, she has the psychic powers of mind control and telekinesis, as well as the ability to generate and release raw energy from her hands (Mind Control/Energy Assault).

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