Accoutrements: n. Accessory items. Identifying and often superficial characteristics or devices.

Welcome to My Accoutrements, a simple website with a simple purpose. This is where I keep a variety of documents and images, usually for reference through third party websites such as message boards.

SWTOR Characters

Posted December 20th, 2015 in SWTOR


Remembering Fox Girl

Posted May 22nd, 2014 in City of Heroes

A long, long time ago…

Fox Girl was one of my just for fun characters who quickly turned into one of my favorites to play. She has a few false starts but I kept re-rolling her for whatever reason. The original version was named Kitsuneko, a claws/regen scrapper on Justice, but at the time I had other characters who wanted my attention (such as my main characters in Star Patrol). Kitsuneko also had a problematic appearance, as she was rolled before there were animated tails. Once those tails were wagging she came back again, but found I had other priorities again as everyone wanted to play in the also new Praetoria of the Going Rogue expansion. So I rolled her up again as a Pretorian, this time as a claws brute. This time I had perfection, and next thing I knew she was level 30 and leaping around Paragon City as my main who wasn’t 50 yet. Several costume changes and a few super groups later, she finally reached the level cap but never ascended because… well, time ran out.

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Darth Trigue

Posted November 2nd, 2013 in SWTOR

Trigue is still young but is moving up in the galaxy, and is not yet a Darth, but she’s getting there. Here are some screenshots. Seems that despite really enjoying the Republic side of SWTOR, I’m enjoying the Imperial side even more.

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SWTOR Screenshots

Posted November 1st, 2013 in SWTOR

I started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic about 2 months ago and I’m loving it. Here are a few of my characters. I’m particularly proud of Trigue’s outfit.

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Wirbelsturm – My Last City of Heroes Character

Posted November 24th, 2012 in City of Heroes

Wirbelsturm is a character I never played, and never actually created in City of Heroes. He was one of those I never got around to. No powers, not even a fleshed out concept; just a costume idea. Here, in the final week I have available to access the game, I decided to finish him up. Here he is: Wirbelsturm the pirate faerie.


Dust Raven in Tights

Posted July 1st, 2012 in City of Heroes

Here is Dust Raven, my main on Justice, in his “tights” costume. Dust Raven is just as comfortable fighting crime in his normal street clothes as he is in any sort of uniform, but for when it matters he has this outfit for when he needs to be seen by the public.

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